Note to Chief Forté: No Northeast Hot Spot?

Posted December 26, 2012 at 12:00 am

December 26, 2012


This feisty news-pooch took an evening to attend a recent community meeting in the Indian Mound neighborhood and learned that Northeast does not have any designated Hot Spots. Really? Given the recent uptick in violent crime, specifically in the Indian Mound neighborhood along the St. John corridor, we’d like to know why!

We’re not real adept at massaging statistical data to favor one demographic or another, much like is being done now to keep Hot Spots in 30 or 40 sector. We have one primary goal and that’s improving neighborhood safety.

Since a previous commander at East Patrol successfully killed community policing in our area, and since there’s no local CDC to host weekly crime prevention meetings anymore, it’s pretty clear what demographic is on the receiving end of the resources designated Hot Spots receive.

If four murders and four shootings (that we know of) as well as countless robberies and assaults, all in less than nine months, isn’t enough to “earn” (albeit dubiously) an official Hot Spot designation, we’re just wonderin’ how high the body count has to go to get the additional attention. The ball’s in your court Chief Forté. Northeast is waiting.