Happy Birthday City Hall

Posted December 12, 2012 at 9:52 am

Northeast News
December 12, 2012

Kansas City residents and city officials celebrated the 75th Anniversary of Kansas City’s City Hall Dec. 6 with cake in the shape of City Hall and live entertainment provided by Will Matthews, guitarist for the Count Basie Orchestra. Informational displays about the history of City Hall also dotted the first floor rotunda.

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Happy Birthday City Hall. Kansas City General Service employees Carla Hardin, Jania Elmer and Suzette Coleman serve up cake, which was made to resemble the City Hall. Leslie Collins

“The present City Hall has endured the test of time,” City Manager Troy Schulte said. “It is a fully functional and monumental building that has served our residents every day for the last 75 years. While some cities have built new city halls, Kansas City is one of the few large cities that has maintained its City Hall, choosing to leave a historical legacy for our residents for years to come.”

The 30-story neo-classic City Hall cost $6 million to build and contains 6,800 tons of steel and 7,800 tons of stone. When first constructed, City Hall was the tallest building in the state and is still one of the tallest buildings in Kansas City.  Photos by Leslie Collins

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