Obama wins at James Elementary

Posted November 14, 2012 at 12:00 am
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Cheering for Obama. James Elementary third graders, pictured above, tally up the votes Nov. 6 between President Barack Obama and presidential candidate Mitt Romney. In Ms. Whiting’s class, Obama had a clear victory over Romney, who received only one vote. Above, Aunnesty Dwyer tallies the votes. Leslie Collins

Northeast News
November 14, 2012 

James Elementary School students learned a little more about the voting process Nov. 6 as they lined up to cast their vote.

Third through sixth graders participated in the mock presidential election which featured a voting booth and official ballot box. One by one, students visited the voting booth and contemplated who would receive their vote.

Some students wrote in candidates while others stuck to the two front-runners.

Here are the results:

Barack Obama: 97 votes;
Mitt Romney: 12;
Other: 4;
Snoop Dog: 1;
Cheesecake: 1;
Taylor Swift: 1;
Taylor Lautner: 1.

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Decisions, decisions. James Elementary third through sixth graders cast their vote in the presidential election Tuesday, Nov. 6. Pictured above, a James Elementary third grader decides between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Leslie Collins