City installs four-way stops along St. John Ave.

Posted September 26, 2012 at 2:19 pm

By Michael Bushnell
Northeast News
September 26, 2012

Saint John Avenue is home to three new four-way stops as of Wednesday morning courtesy of the city’s Public Works Department and the Traffic Engineering Division.

City crews cycled all of the traffic signals on St. John between Belmont and Van Brunt to flash red in all directions while crews installed stop signs at three key intersections: St. John and Van Brunt; St. John and Hardesty; and St. John and Belmont.

City workers install a stop sign at the corner of St. John and Hardesty. Michael Bushnell

According to Dennis Gagnon, spokesperson for the Public Works Department, approximately 35 intersections citywide fell below federal standards for having traffic signals and will be converted to four-way stops.

“This will actually improve traffic flow and increase safety at the affected intersections,” said Gagnon. “Instead of sitting in line waiting for the traffic signal to change, drivers will be able to cue up and continue on their way with minimal interruption and minimum fuel wasting from sitting in line waiting for the light to change.”

Traffic signals along St. John that are flashing red will remain in place until motorists become used to the new configuration which according to Gagnon will be a few weeks.