Late Model Auto celebrates 14 years of business in Northeast

Posted September 25, 2012 at 11:00 pm



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Ribbon cutting celebration. Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce hosts a ribbon cutting ceremony for Late Model Auto Parts on Sept. 20. Late Model Auto recently joined the Chamber and has been serving Northeast for 14 years. Leslie Collins


Northeast News
September 26, 2012

Late Model Auto Parts Inc. may be a salvage yard, but it’s anything but grungy.

Each car is labeled with an identification number and every auto part is meticulously organized on towering shelves.

“We want everything to look as nice as possible,” said Late Model Auto Co-owner Mike Shaver. “Even though we operate as a salvage yard, which has an image of greasy, grimy and dirty, that’s not the kind of image we want to keep.”

For 14 years, Mike and his brother, Co-owner Steve Shaver, have operated Late Model Auto, and the Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce recognized the business for its excellence Sept. 20 by hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony.

The Shavers followed up the ribbon cutting with a tour of the facility and a spread of appetizers.

Asked what he likes about his job, Mike said, “I like the people that we work with, and we work together as a team.”

Late Model Auto’s most requested auto part is the engine. Within the last 12 months, Late Model Auto has sold 750 engines, 678 transmissions and 815 fuel pumps, among other parts.

On one occasion, several high schoolers scoured the facility for parts to create robots for a science project.

One aspect that sets Late Model Auto apart from its competition is the business only purchases full coverage insurance vehicles.

“It’s the best quality car you can buy, so I get the best part for my customer,” Steve said.

Late Model Auto also offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, along with six-month, one-year and lifetime warranties.

Both Steve and Mike said they’re proud of all the improvements they’ve made to the facility, like a remodeled front office, installation of a privacy fence and a new roof; it’s all work they’ve done themselves.

For the Shavers, customers come first and they like offering parts at a discounted price. When shopping used, customers can save 25 to 30 percent compared to the cost of a brand new part, Mike said.

“We’re here to save our customers money,” Steve said. “That’s what our business is all about – saving the consumer money and giving them a quality, recycled part that’s clean and tested.”


Engines galore. A myriad of engines neatly lines the shelves inside the warehouse at Late Model Auto Parts Inc. Late Model Auto representatives gave a tour of the facility during the Sept. 20 ribbon cutting. Leslie Collins