Northeast News welcomes art director Bryan Jordan

Posted August 28, 2012 at 11:00 pm

Northeast News
August 29, 2012 

Northeast News has hired a new art director and he’s full of ideas on how to improve our newspaper product for readers.

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Bryan E. Jordan

A native of Kansas City, Bryan Jordan has lived in Historic Northeast for 11 years.

Asked what attracted him to Northeast, Jordan said, “I love diversity. I grew up in the dogpatch area of Kansas City, also known as Blue Summit. My mom grew up in Historic Northeast; it’s familiar and always interesting.”

Along with many Northeast residents, Jordan appreciates the history of Northeast and likes living in an urban area. He currently lives in a “fixer upper” and added, “If anyone would like to volunteer to help fix up my house with me, I am open and accepting to their skills.”

Jordan’s love for the graphic arts industry began from an early age. During the summers, he would head to the River Quay and work at the print shop with his mom, a bookbinder.

“Seeing all the printing equipment, meeting artists and designers made a huge impression on me,” he said.

Jordan has worked in the graphic arts industry since the 1980s and past employers have included Hallmark Cards, Russell Stover Candies, Houston Harvest Gift Products, Bayer and more. He’s worked as a designer, consultant, educator and artist and taught at Avila University and Kansas City Academy. He currently works at Apple and said he’s a fan of the company and the fruit.

Asked why he wanted to join Northeast News, Jordan said the recession has caused less demand for his workshops on Adobe software. He also wanted a job closer to home where he could further use his skills and enjoy his work.

“I also wanted to connect with the neighborhood I live in,” he said. “When the position at the Northeast News came up, I felt it was a perfect fit.”

Fast facts about Bryan Jordan

Hobbies: Painting, drawing, photography, sculpting. I love to travel by minivan and camp.

Favorite food: I’m a vegetarian and love fruits and vegetables. I don’t really have a favorite food, but I do have lots of favorite places to eat. Some of my favorite meals at those restaurants are the almond tofu with asparagus usually served on rice at the Blue Koi. I order it on a fresh bed of spinach. Cafe al Dente in the River Market has the best calzones around and The Habashi House in the City Market makes the best falafel and hummus I have ever tasted – plus Maisoon who takes your order is also an artist.

Favorite music genre: Jazz

Place he’d like to visit: I’d love to visit Barcelona, Spain, where you can see the art and architecture of Antonio Gaudi everywhere. He is such an inspiration to me.

If you could have one super hero power, what would it be?: I do have one, but I can’t tell you or you’ll know my weakness.