There’s no free lunch

Posted August 21, 2012 at 11:00 pm

August 22, 2012

It was a heckuva weekend for the GOP this past weekend. Between Kansas Congressman Kevin Yoder taking a skinny dip in the Sea of Galilea and U.S. Senate hopeful Todd Akin on the Missouri side muttering some indefensible and stupid comments about rape and the female body shutting reproduction down, this ought to be a dandy election comin’ up.

This savvy li’l pooch can’t wait to see what the donkeys on the other side of the aisle will come up with for the next round of mud-slinging ads. (Sarcasm intended).

Everyone says stupid stuff every now and again, and this canine is as guilty as the next guy in that realm. This should be enough proof, however, that Washington, D.C., does strange things to people. Seemingly intelligent people go there for a few years and when they come back, common sense and critical thinking are out the window and the person who came back is a far cry from the person who left. Well, with the exception of Emanuel Cleaver. That train was wrecked and derailed before it left the car wash, er train station.