Shameful power grab for KCP&L

Posted July 17, 2012 at 11:00 pm

July 18, 2012

Bet you didn’t know that KCP&L could kill power to any power grid any time it wants in order to create more power delivery to other areas of the city.

This crafty news pooch didn’t either, but that’s exactly what KCP&L did last Saturday during the All-Star Game events that were held over the weekend.

Area Independence Avenue businesses had their power arbitrarily shut down for several hours during the heat of the day last weekend.

Owners at an area supermarket took it on the chin as it was the second of two major outages that same weekend that caused freezers and coolers to spike in temperature.

To date, product losses are quickly approaching the six-figure mark for both outages.

Rumors are floating that KCP&L pulled the plug on the area grid in order to deliver uninterrupted power to All-Star Game events held downtown, but KCP&L is quick to back away from that assertion noting their record of almost flawless power delivery to the greater Kansas City metro for blah-de-blah years.

Note to KCP&L head honchos – actions have consequences.

Randomly shutting down a grid of power that negatively impacts area businesses without any kind of warning beforehand is not smart business practice.

But, then again, Northeast wasn’t part of the All-Star Game festivities, so this neighborhood once again was considered expendable. That’s just shameful!