Fireworks in NE: Old traditions die hard

Posted July 10, 2012 at 11:00 pm

Fireworks in NE:

Old traditions die hard

It didn’t sound like it, but by all accounts, the fireworks that were shot off here in Northeast on July 4th didn’t come close to years’ past when spent fireworks blanketed the Concourse tennis courts, the basketball court and the base of the Concourse fountain.

During previous years, one would be hard-pressed to see the surface of the above noted firing grounds because the spent fireworks were so thick.

This year, the aftermath may have looked atrocious, but the debris field was nary 30 percent of what it once was, something that makes this news-pooch crack a happy toothy grin.

Whether the dry, scorching conditions or the economy played a role in the decrease in spent explosives, one thing is for sure – litter totals on July 5th were way down, and that makes for a quieter and much safer holiday for everyone.