Gov Nixon signs HB 1549 to expand Missouri’s No Call list

Posted June 15, 2012 at 9:26 am

By Kelsey Ainsworth
Northeast News
June 15, 2012

Governor Jay Nixon signs House Bill 1549, which expands Missouri's No Call list to include registered cell phones as well as landline phones. Kelsey Ainsworth

Governor Jay Nixon was in Historic Northeast June 14 to sign House Bill 1549, expanding Missouri’s No Call list from just covering landlines to all registered cell phone numbers.

The bill gives Missouri residents the opportunity to have their cell phone numbers added to the No Call list, protecting them from unwanted telemarketing phone calls and text messages, as well as telemarketing fraud.

Prior to the June 14 signing, residents could only have their landline phone numbers on the No Call list, not cellular devices. This bill applies to all Missouri residents, even if the area code of the phone number is based outside of Missouri.

Governor Jay Nixon noted that cell phones are a prominent part of current technological times.

“Many Missourians no longer have a landline, and a cell phone has become their only number. That’s why Missouri’s No Call Law needed to catch up,” said Nixon.

State representative John Rizzo, who also attended the signing, stated: “I am proud to support a governor with common sense solutions to new problems.”

Attorney General Chris Kostner, who’s office enforces the State’s No Call list, stated: “Wherever I go in this state, I’m asked one question more than any other… ‘When can I put my cell phone on the no-call list?’ The answer is, today.”

The bill is effective immediately and will be updated on a quarterly basis.

Jackie Moore of the Mid-America Regional Council discusses Missouri's No Call list during the press conference at Don Bosco Senior Center. Kelsey Ainsworth