Keep Cliff Drive open to us, the taxpayers!

Posted March 26, 2012 at 11:00 pm

To the editor:

I grew up in Old Northeast and I have always considered Cliff Drive a hidden treasure in our community. This was made as a place to take a nice scenic drive and it has been so for over 100 years. If folk want a nice place to walk they can walk anywhere they want, but Cliff Drive should remain open to drivers. The decision to close this scenic byway to drivers on the weekends robs many Missourians and tourists of the opportunity to see this.

 I’ve missed many opportunities to enjoy sharing this on Sunday afternoons with relatives and friends.

 The dumping and other illegal activities happen largely at night.

  My suggestion is simple but that seems to be beyond the scope of bureaucratic understanding. Close the drive at night and open it during the daylight hours. Nobody walks it at night and no one has any reason to drive it at that time either – it is not “scenic” when it is dark.

 Keep Cliff Drive open to us the taxpayers!

I currently live across the street overlooking Cliff Drive.


 R. Allen Stancil

Kansas City, MO