Tagging is disheartening

Posted February 15, 2012 at 12:00 am

February 15, 2012
To the Editor:

First, let me say how disheartened I am that Grace Church of the Nazarene was tagged. This continues to be a problem all over Northeast and in particular, over the last three weeks in Indian Mound. The church is, however, located in the Indian Mound Neighborhood which has dedicated equipment, chemical supplies and paint to remove or abate graffiti. We certainly would have helped had we been contacted.

Indian Mound Neighborhood Association operates a volunteer graffiti abatement team that responds to requests for help removing or abating graffiti from Indian Mound residents, businesses, schools and churches. Our goal from Nov. 1 through March 1 is to inspect reported sites within 7 days and remove or abate within 14 days (weather permitting). During the winter months, temperatures need to be above 45 degrees as we work with water, paint and chemicals. Our usual time frame during warm weather is next day inspection and abatement within 7 days. These are goals and not written in stone because no two sites are ever the same. Since we operate with volunteers and want to value their time, the team sets their schedule AFTER they inspect. So our goals are not always met during the winter months but reported sites never leave our log of work until it has been abated.

We also proactively remove graffiti from other parts of the neighborhood: utility poles, street signs, telephone junction boxes. IMNA can help you if you have a graffiti problem, but we need a report, we need to inspect, and in most cases, need access to a hose bib for a water source, and most importantly, need permission to do the abatement. Our association has received two grants from the Neighborhood Self Help Program to purchase the equipment and supplies to operate this service. This is YOUR service if you are located in Indian Mound.

IMNA does NOT charge residents or homeowners for this service, it is FREE. Depending on the extent of the vandalism, there may be small fees for commercial enterprises but advice and knowledge is always free. We like to help out our houses of worship without fees as well.

If you live or work in Indian Mound, and have a graffiti problem, please contact Katie Greer, IMNA President. Her e-mail address is president.imna@gmail.com.

Rick Jones, Kansas City, Mo.