In 7-4 vote, KCMO council approves Short Term Rental ordinance

Michael Bushnell
Northeast News

The Kansas City Council yesterday passed Ordinance 170771 regulating the establishment and hosting of houseguests under platforms like Airbnb.

The ordinance has been a hotly contested local issue in the Scarritt Renaissance neighborhood after complaints arose about an Airbnb operation on Gladstone Boulevard that The Northeast News has covered in great detail.
The ordinance, which passed council by a 7-4 vote is the culmination of a three year period of debate surrounding the use and regulation of short term rentals within the city limits.


The passed ordinance:
• Bars STR’s in low density neighborhoods,
• Limits the number of guests to eight in each STR unit
• Limits multi family structures to a single STR unit or 25% of the total number of apartments on site
• Cannot be used for parties or receptions
• Requires Fire and Safety inspections
• Required to pay an Administration fee of $259 and $175 annually

Owner occupied STR properties would be required to disclose to neighbors their intent for the property. Offsite owners must secure consent of 55% of the surrounding property owners in order to proceed with STR operation. If a 55% approval is not achieved the property owner must file for a Special Use Permit with the city. Hosts in Historic Districts must also secure a Special Use Permit from the city.

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