Faces Of Northeast: Diana Graham

Diana Graham is an active part of the Lykins Neighborhood Association. She serves as secretary and is running to be vice president for this coming year. She is a member of the Northeast High School Alumni, and is an incredibly involved member at her church, and you may have even run into her at the polls if you vote at Holy Cross.

She grew up in the Northeast, and said she has loved every bit of it for her entire life. Even when Graham moved away briefly for her marriage, she said she knew that she would always come back to the Northeast. For her, being a part of the Northeast was like being with family. She said she recognizes how unique the diversity is in this area and how that makes the community so close.

“I love the comradery. I like that the people who belong to the Lykins Association are all dedicated to making this more liveable and they’re just an amazing group of people who love Lykins and the Northeast as much as I do.”

Graham recognizes that people have a misconception about the Northeast, that it is largely crime ridden, and thinks that they could not be more wrong. She said she believes the Northeast is a large community that can thrive if people give it the chance.

“They think there is a lot more crime here than there is, and I guess what bothers me is that they flee to the suburbs but why not stay and fight to take back your neighborhood? I believe we can take back our neighborhood one house at a time.”

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