2019 KCMO Mayoral Candidate Guide

Scott Taylor

Current Position/Title: Councilman of the 6th District At-large
Education: B.A. from University of Kansas, J.D., Law from UMKC, MBA from Rockhurst University.
Bio: Taylor is an attorney, specializing in business and trade development. He served on the Center School District Board of Education for four years, initiated the KC Small Business Microloan Program, and was elected to represent the 6th District on the City Council in 2011. He currently serves as Chairman of the Planning, Zoning, and Economic Development Committee.
He is married to Cathy Jolly, former State Representative and KC Council Member, and they have one son, Drake.
Top Three Priorities as Mayor: Reduce violent crime, Affordable housing, Helping small Businesses.
Why should the Historic Northeast vote for you? “I’ve had the fortune of working with the Northeast on a variety of issues that have come at the Planning, Zoning, and Economic Development Committee. I’m a good listener and have worked through issues such as the developments on Independence Avenue, we listened to their voices there, a variety of other issues. The key is that I’m a good listener and work by collaboration. By virtue of chairing the committee that I chair, the Economic Development Committee, we have to be able to bring people together to resolve issues or differences almost every week. So that’s a great skill set for the next Mayor to have.”
Pre-K Tax Plan: Supports the Pre-K Plan.
Paseo name change: He voted YES on renaming The Paseo.
What sets you apart from other candidates? “Northeast is growing at a fast rate, and that says a lot about the way this community collaborates, celebrates diversity, and works together. Quite frankly, it’s a model for the rest of the United States. As Mayor, I would continue that collaborative effort, that’s my style, I like to have a lot of public input. It would be an open-door policy in my office as Mayor and for all communities and for all neighborhoods.”
Favorite Place in KC: “I love Union Station, I think it’s one of our great places to visit and I’m excited to see the new Kansas City Museum. We have spent a lot of time and effort reinvesting in that and bringing it back to life.”



Alissia Canady

Current Position/Title: Councilwoman of the 5th District
Education: J.D, Law from the University of South Dakota School of Law, B.S. Finance/Management from Park University
Bio: Canady is a managing attorney at Canady Law firm and was an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Jackson County. She was elected to City Council in 2015 to represent the City’s 5th district. She worked a full-time job while attending Northeast High School, supporting her mother and family. She went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in finance from Park University. She ran her own small business in Midtown, later earning a Graduate certificate from UMKC and a law degree from the University of South Dakota. She currently is Chairwoman of the Neighborhoods and Public Safety Committee and Vice Chair of the Ethics and Legal Review Committee. She also serves as a member of two additional committees: Housing; Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Jobs.
Top Three Priorities Issues as Mayor: Gun violence, Stabilizing neighborhoods, Creating more economic opportunities for small businesses
Why should the Historic Northeast vote for you? “My track record in public service has been consistently aligned with the will of the voters and advocating for community stakeholders. I have been a bold advocate for change and I’ve been consistent on what these priorities are. I came from the prosecutor’s office to city council to address these issues and I realize that as a council person, I’m limited when the administration’s priorities don’t align because the money is already spent. So I decided to run for mayor and I need Kansas City’s support.”
Pre-K Tax Plan: Opposes the Pre-K plan
Paseo name change: She voted NO on renaming The Paseo.
What sets you apart from other candidates? “I distinguish myself because I have been unwaveringly committed to the community, unwaveringly committed to providing you all with resources and transparency and accountability and asking the tough questions in these meetings. It is not easy leading at this level. It is not easy being the lone vote. It is not easy working to get the support of seven other people to make something happen, when there is political play in process. But what has happened these last four years is that we have found ways to build consensus on issues that matter most to people, and I have been a strong champion for those things that matter to you, and I would like to have your support in April.”
Favorite place in KC: “I just love that I can get anywhere within fifteen minutes.”



Quinton Lucas

Current Position/Title: Councilman of the 3rd District At-Large
Education: J.D., Law from Cornell University and Bachelor’s degree from Washington University
Bio: Lucas was born in Kansas City, Missouri, the son of a working, single parent. He attended Barstow School and pursued debate and athletics extracurricular activities. High School Debate sparked interest in politics and he secured a college internship in the Kansas City Mayor’s office through the CORO Fellowship Program and upon graduation, a position on a State Senate campaign in St. Louis. Lucas studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa, focusing on politics and the culture of apartheid. He joined the Kansas University faculty of Law in 2012. He is currently 3rd District Councilman At-Large and serves as Chair of the City Council Housing Committee. Lucas is a self-avowed “super fan” of the Kansas City Chiefs and the KU Jayhawks. He currently lives in the 18th & Vine District.
Top Three Priorities as Mayor: Education, Violent crime/public safety, Affordable Housing
Why should the Historic Northeast vote for you? “Northeast voters know me. We have had a lot of fun interactions over time; they know I will always talk to them. I’ll always interact, whether it be on the Facebook page or along Independence Avenue. At least what you want is someone who will talk to you and show that they care. We may not always agree, but you know where I stand.
Pre-K Tax Plan: He opposes the Pre-K plan.
Paseo Name Change: He voted YES on renaming The Paseo.
What sets you apart from other candidates? “You know from me you’ll always get someone who responds, doesn’t always agree, but responds. I’ll listen to you, and I will work my hardest to make sure that we can come to some sort of resolution and hopefully some level of compromise. One other thing is that is easy to get to ‘no,’ it is much harder to get to ‘yes.’ How do you introduce and pass policies to make things better in our community everyday? What I’ve said all along is that I will spend everyday and make sure we can find consensus. The reason you see my name in those editorials or the newspaper is because I am involved in every issue I think that has been important to this city, because I care, because I’ve worked hard, and because I always try to get to ‘yes,’ for what is best for people in Kansas City.”
Favorite Place in KC: “Upper level of Arrowhead stadium, I’ve been sitting there for years, it’s home for me.”



Steven Miller

Current Title/Position: Construction Attorney
Education: Rockhurst High School, J.D., Law from University of Notre Dame
Bio: A lifelong KC resident, Miller spent 35 years in Construction Law as co-founder of Miller Schirger law firm. He led Missouri Department of Transportation Board of Directors for seven years as a member, and two-terms as chair of the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission. He helped to found Turning Point in 2001, a nonprofit providing services to those suffering from chronic illness, was recognized as “Kindest Kansas Citian,” and worked with Christmas in October since its founding 33 years ago.



Scott Wagner

Current Title/Position: Councilman of the 1st District At-Large and Mayor Pro-Tem
Education: B.S., History, Business, and Economics from William Jewell College
Bio: Wagner grew up in Kansas City’s Northland. After graduation, he was Chief Marketing Officer with the City Market until 1999. Scott formed his own Marketing Company, Wagner Marketing. Scott was Treasurer of Indian Mound for three years then President until 2010. In 2007, Scott left his marketing firm and joined Fasone & Partners, an local Marketing and Public Relations firm. Scott was elected to the City Council in 2010 and currently serves as Mayor Pro-Tem and Chairman of the Finance and Governance Committee. Scott is married to Laura Ray Wagner and has two sons, Patrick and Truman and their family pet, Nugget.
Top three priorities as Mayor: Affordable Housing, Economic Development, and Crime.
Why should Historic Northeast vote for you? “I have always been a vocal proponent for improving the Northeast without getting rid of its historical roots. I lived in the Indian Mound neighborhood for almost seven years and have, while on the City Council, implemented a number of programs and initiatives such as the Paseo Gateway, a partnership between the City of Kansas City and Housing Authority and Brinshore Development, LLC that brought a $30 million Choice Neighborhood grant from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to Northeast, a project that will ultimately bring over $109-million in re-investment into the Northeast community. I’ve also been instrumental in bringing the Kansas City Museum under the Parks department and worked diligently to insure the museum received the necessary funding to begin its current renovation and restoration project. I’ve worked with the city to pass two scrap metal ordinances that have helped Northeast homeowners with chronic vandalism issues related to scrapping and have established the Renew Northeast minor home repair grant program, established two Urban Renewal areas in Indian Mound and Lykins neighborhoods and worked to spearhead the Hardesty Renaissance Program that will bring new investment and jobs to the community. “
Pre-K Tax Plan: He opposes the Pre-K plan.
Paseo name change: He voted NO on renaming The Paseo.
What sets you apart from other candidates? “As a former neighborhood president of the Indian Mound neighborhood I have an experience that is unique. I am not only aware of issues related to the Northeast, but of neighborhoods and their interaction with City Hall. It has informed my eight years on the City Council and has provided the urgency to work on a number of projects in the Northeast. I’m different from every candidate because I have championed this community over and over again and will continue to do so as Mayor.”
Favorite spot in Kansas City: “My favorite place is home with my wife Laura and my sons Patrick and Truman.”



Phil Glynn

Current Position/Title: Small business owner and Board President of Northeast Community Center
Education: Bachelor’s degree in English from Wake Forest University and Master’s Degree from the University of Missouri – Kansas City
Bio: Glynn was born and raised in Kansas City. After High School, Phil attended Wake Forest University in North Carolina. Returning to KC, he helped start Heartland Democrats of America. Phil is president of Travois—a small business headquartered in Kansas City’s Crossroads District that finances and supports housing and development projects in American Indian communities. Phil, his wife, and three children, live in the heart of Kansas City with their goldendoodle Deacon.
Top Three Priorities as Mayor: Improvement of public services, quality of life improvement for senior citizens, economic improvements that help promote job growth.
Why should the Historic Northeast vote for you? “I was a part of the Northeast Community Center Board, My kids love to play at Concourse park. I love going to restaurants and events in your area. The Northeast isn’t something I care about just because I want to be mayor- it’s something I care about personally, too.”
Pre-K Tax Plan: He opposes the Pre-K plan.
Paseo Name Change: N/A
What sets you apart from other candidates? “I’m a business owner. I have brought billions in investments for housing and jobs across the country. We need more quality housing for working families and seniors. We need more quality jobs that our citizens have the skills and reliable transportation to thrive in. This will stabilize our neighborhoods. I have more experience than any other candidate building housing and creating jobs.”
Favorite Spot in KC: “Loose Park. I grew up playing in that park and now my kids do as well.”



Vincent “General” Lee

Current Title/Position: Business Man and Consultant
Education: Manual High School
Bio: Lee grew up on 12th Street and says he is a “normal person,” not a part-time politician. He has chased the mayoral chair for 25 years, and says he only wants to make a difference for the people. He has run against Emanuel Cleaver, Kay Barnes, and Sly James. In 2007 The General filed a lawsuit against Kansas City school officials, as he felt the money was not being allocated properly. The General says he has always fought for what he felt is best for the city.
Top three priorities as Mayor: Moving KCI inside of Jackson County, Moving the two major stadiums to Truman Boulevard and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Creating Steel/Aluminum Plants at 95th and Troost.
Why should the Northeast vote for you? “The Northeast people need somebody just like them. They need someone who knows how to live in raw society. The General grew up in raw society. I grew up on 12th Street. I am 64 years old, I understand all code violations. That’s why you should vote for The General. He is taking and creating jobs to help support communities. He wants to make the city a great place for everybody to live.”
Pre-K Tax Plan: He opposes the Pre-K plan.
Paseo Name Change: N/A
What sets you apart from other candidates? “I do not like that these politicians are only part time. We need full time people in our city, committing their time to improving the city. I have actual plans to help change the city, I am not just talking about economic improvement: I am creating economic improvement. I am talking about real dollars, real people.” The General also wants to decrease gas and water bills. He says he will decrease water bills by taking out runoff and sewer fees. “You’ll find your man in Jefferson City’s face fighting for real change in Kansas City. We are real Kansas Citians and we need real people to show up and make change.”
Favorite spot in Kansas City: “Your place is my favorite place in Kansas City.”



Jolie Justus

Current Title/ Position: Councilwoman of the 4th District
Education: B.S. from Missouri State University and J.D., Law from University of Missouri-Kansas City
Bio: Justus was raised in Branson, Missouri and attended Branson High School. She was elected to the Missouri State Senate in 2006, representing the 10th Senatorial District in Kansas City, serving as the Missouri Senate Minority Leader in her final two years. As a Kansas City Councilwoman, Justus is Chair of the Airport Committee, Co-Chair of the Legislative Committee, and Vice Chair of the Finance Committee. Since 2003 Jolie has served as the Director of Pro Bono Services for Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P. Jolie and her wife Lucy live in the Longfellow neighborhood, along with a pack of energetic rescue dogs.
Top three priorities as Mayor: Public safety, Transportation, Housing
Why should Historic Northeast vote for you? “I have for the last 13 years been representing Kansas City as a State Senator and now as a Council person, and I have shown a record of getting things done. I have been effective and I have actually made change. I am asking for the Northeast resident’s support because I want to make sure that we have strong leadership to keep the city moving forward and also make sure that the success the region feels for Kansas City, that we feel it at the neighborhood level.”
Pre-K Tax Plan: She supports Pre-K Plan.
Paseo Name Change: She voted YES on renaming The Paseo.
What sets you apart from other candidates? “For the last 20 years, I have dedicated my career to giving back to my community. As a pro bono lawyer, a Missouri State Senator and a city councilperson, I have a proven track record of getting things done and standing up for our most vulnerable citizens. I am a pragmatic leader who works across many divides. I am an honest broker who treats everyone with respect. Making sure that all voices have a seat at the table is the first step to bringing people together with competing agendas in a volatile political environment. My record demonstrates my ability to build bridges rather than walls, and that is exactly what I will do as mayor of Kansas City. More collaboration– less agitation.”
Favorite spot in KC: “My favorite place in KC is the foot of the ASB Bridge, on the Riverfront Heritage Trail in Berkley Park.”



Jermaine Reed

Current Title/Position: Councilman of the 3rd District
Education: Bachelor’s in Political Science from the University of Missouri, Master’s of Public Administration from UMKC’s Bloch School of Management
Bio: Reed was raised in Kansas City and graduated from Northeast High School. A first generation college graduate, he attended UMKC and was first elected as Councilman in 2011 as the Council’s youngest member in history. He currently serves as the Chair of the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee and member of the Small Business, Entrepreneurship & Jobs Committee. He is also on the board of National League of Cities, Mid-America Regional Council, Midtown Housing Advisory board, the American Jazz Museum, and Jazz District Redevelopment Corporation.
Top Three Priorities as Mayor: Specifically in the Northeast: Blight/Debris, Reduce crime/violence, Investing in small businesses
Why should the Historic Northeast vote for you? “Over the past eight years I have demonstrated real leadership within our communities and certainly within the Northeast and all parts of our city. Reality of it is that there is much more work to be done and I want to continue to serve in my leadership position to move our city forward. There are a lot of things that can be accomplished.
Pre-K Tax Plan: He opposes the Pre-K plan.
Paseo Boulevard Name Change: Voted YES on renaming The Paseo.
What sets you apart from other candidates? “As I have served eight years on the Council, I have been a real advocate, like many of you, and sometimes we have agreed, sometimes we have disagreed, but I have always been honest, and I have carried out much of the values that really does define you all in the Northeast in terms of the strengths. I can tell you that as the Mayor, I will continue to put people first, in ensuring that we have a strong sense of urgency and boldness in leadership to ensure that your voices are always heard. We are 210 neighborhoods strong in this city. The city is strong because of our neighborhoods.”
Favorite Place in KC: “18th & Vine!”



Henry Klein

Current Title/Position: Chairman of the Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Committee.
Education: Earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing at Indiana State University
Bio: After graduating from Indiana State, Klein worked for 20 years at RR Donnelley & Company. In 2004, Klein was a volunteer staff member with the Emanuel Cleaver for Congress campaign. Currently serves as chairman of the Habitat for Humanity Volunteer Committee and has served as Vice President of the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City. He has also tutored at the Crosslines Adult Literacy Program. He currently lives in Brookside.



Clay Chastain

Current Title/Position: Electrical/Mechanical Engineer
Education: Engineering Degree from The University of Arkansas
Bio: He is an electrical engineer and home renovator who lives in Virginia as well as owning property in Kansas City. He has led several political initiatives in the city since 2009, and has been very politically active. He ran for mayor before in 2015. He has also written a book entitled Tilting at Windmills: How one man battled political power to save America’s grandest train station.
Top three priorities as mayor: Reducing the “Horrific” homicide rate, Focusing on neighborhood and infrastructure needs, Challenge corporations to give back to the community.
Why should the Historic Northeast vote for you? “I am sincerely for the people, not wealthy developers. I am an honest, very capable engineer that inspires people. You have to not only have a vision for the city, but have the personality. I have original ideas, which I find no other candidate has. Not only do I have my own original ideas, but my own personality to implement those ideas. I want to meet the needs of everyday people, and people in the Northeast are everyday people.”
Pre-K Tax Plan: He opposes the Pre-K plan.
Paseo Boulevard Name Change: N/A
What sets you apart from other candidates? “Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone other than a lawyer be mayor? I am a very capable mechanical/electrical engineer that wants to implement great change in the city.” Chastain wants to implement an “Advantage Youths Program,” that allows children who have grown up in struggling situations to be enrolled in trade programs that can help them find a stable career after high school. He also wants to improve public transportation to make it more environmentally friendly.
Favorite spot in Kansas City: A graveyard on the east side, where his mother and father are buried.





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